You have arrived at the future home of Good work. Keep it up.

(Well, technically this is the CURRENT home of But itís not very exciting, is it? Thatís because all of the exciting stuff is behind the scenes and not linked up to anything you can click on because if youíve stumbled across this page youíre either a creepy person that I donít want clicking on any of my stuff or somebody Iíve given the URL to and in that case I still donít want you clicking on my stuff because Iíd rather have you wondering what kind of a genius I might be and what kind of exciting stuff is going on behind the scenes. In plain truth, mostly because Iím a boring Lutheran and a pretty bad liar, what you see on this page is really just about all of the work Iíve done on other than set up some hosting accounts for people I like. I have ambitions to one day expand into something more than what you see here, but I also have ambitions to be forty pounds lighter, in charge of my own small country with a large tax base and a number of other things that arenít likely to transpire, either. Anyway, this Ďfuture homeí BS at least threatens something ambitious, doesnít it? Thanks for visiting, by the way.)